Performance with distance and spin control

Nidaime Combo Iron

Golfers dream of having the all around performing iron, one that not only gives easy distance but also spin control and playability when needed. Many irons in the market are designed with lots of technology to be more forgiving and produce more distance, but when it comes to accuracy and stopping on the greens, these distance irons can’t produce enough backspin. On the other hand, irons that boast spin control and accuracy usually come up short for distance. grindworks decided that in order to create the best of both worlds, the distance iron and the scoring iron, we would create a special combo set combining the distance power of a pocket cavity and the control and touch of a one piece cavity back iron.The new grindworks Nidaime Combo Iron features a 4-PW makeup split into two styles of irons made to compliment each other. The 4, 5, 6 and 7 irons feature a powerful pocket cavity design paired with 8, 9, and PW in a cavity back design. We’ve taken it a step further by offering more flexibility and choice for players depending on their power and ability by offering the 7 iron as either a pocket cavity or cavity back.The Nidaime Combo Iron uses a special soft stainless steel we call Nitro 6. This alloy has been treated under intense heat to produce similar softness to carbon steel yet increased durability and strength. The pocket cavity uses Nitro 6 for the body and features a plasma welded Super Stainless 17-4 face which provides superior spring effect and repulsion over a forged carbon face. Because of the powerful distance, we’ve adjust the lofts weaker on the 4, 5, 6, and 7 pocket cavity so they will produce the optimal launch and distance yet flow properly in the set with the more control oriented cavity backs.  Players who want to focus more on control and scoring can choose the cavity back 7 iron instead of the pocket. Hit it easy and far with the long irons and still stop on the green and score with the short irons. All around performance with grindworks Nidaime Combo Iron.

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The Nidaime Combo Iron features removeable weight screws for customizing your own unique look as well as for slight alterations in swing weight and balance.  There are two types of screws available which customers can choose when purchasing the Nidaime Combo Iron.

  1. Colored Aluminum Screws – Available in 5 different colors (red, blue, purple, orange, black), these screws help create a more unique visual impact. Players can choose colors based on their personal preference for a unique and cool look. The Aluminum screws have minimal effect on head weight and are meant more for visual appearance.
  2. Stainless Steel Screws – Available in 3 different colors (silver, gun metal, gold), these screws not only change the appearance of the iron but have a small impact on the irons head weight. With each screw weighing 1.0g, a total of 3 screws will add 3g to each head increasing swing weight by approximately 1.0 point. (for a net gain of 2g after subtracting the 1g for the removed aluminum screws hence only 1.0 point)

*Please note that improper removal or installation of screws may cause damage to the screws and/or your iron head. Because of this all screws must be installed by grindworks or an authorized grindworks craftsman with the proper tools to guarantee quality and fit.  The chosen screws will be inserted on order for each customer by grindworks.

Club Specifications

Club Type Pocket Cavity & Cavity Back Combination
Player Type Athlete Golfer,Better/Improving Player
Characteristic Balanced all around performance with distance and spin control
Material and Finish Nitro 6, High Intensity Heat Treated Alloy, Super Stainless 17-4 Spring Face, Chrome Mirror, Satin
Number Loft( ° ) Lie( ° ) Bounce( ° ) Weight(g )
#4 23.5 61.5 2.0 248.5
#5 27.5 62.0 3.0 255.0
#6 31.5 62.5 4.0 262.0
#7 (Pocket Cavity) 34.5 63.0 5.0 269.5
#7 (Cavity Back) 34 62.0 5.0 269.5
#8 38 62.5 6.0 277.0
#9 42 63.0 7.0 284.5
PW 46 63.5 8.0 292.5
• R&A Groove Rule Confirmation
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.5mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.2mm (Taper Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 30mm• Right Handed Only