grindworks in South Africa

grindworks clubs and apparel have been brought to you by a small group of local golfer’s who wanted to find a better way, a more cost-effective way of putting the best clubs in the hands of everyday golfers – we want to change the way golf equipment is sold in SA.
When you buy our clubs and apparel we will ensure four things;
  • The quality of the clubs rival the best brands in the world.
  • We are selling directly to you, cutting out all middlemen costs – you are guaranteed to receive a 15-30% cost reduction.
  • While our business model is direct, you don’t lose the opportunity to experience the product, in fact,we provide you with the product, at no cost, in the comfort of your local club.
  • Most importantly, you’ll remember how grindworks made you feel.
When we speak to you we’ll use language that you’ll understand, you’ll feel empowered,knowing exactly what you are using or buying.

grindworks Globally

grindworks is a Japanese golf brand with a focus on unqiue design,materials and manufacturing and performance, with an emphasis on feel and quality. grindworks was created as a premium brand to rival some of the world’s established component brands.
From humble beginnings in 2015, our growth and experience helps take our club development to the next level. We strive to create premium performance golf clubs for a wide variety of golfers to help them enjoy the game more.
grindworks is created upon a foundation of creative people, quality materials and top-notch manufacturing.
Feel the power, experience the performance, grindworks premium Japanese golf clubs.

Patrick Reed

Patrick is a top PGA tour pro with 8 victories on the US PGA Tour to his credit. This includes his mesmerizing win at the 2018 Masters in Augusta. Patrick advises and collaborates with grindworks on new product development including models made specifically for him to play on tour. As one of the world’s most consistent and talented shot makers, Patrick has a deep understanding of what he wants in a club
and how a club should be designed to provide optimal performance.
Mr. Niimi brings over 40 years of golf industry experience to the table. In 2014 he was admitted to the International Clubmakers Guild (IGC) Hall of Fame. He has advised many Japanese brands over the years on club design and overseas sales strategies and even developed and produced several of his own original brands. As Head of Product Development and Global Sales, Mr. Niimi oversees product
development for grindworks and design for our Pro Preference and Phoenix lines as well as Zip Wedge and 86 series wedges. He is in charge of our global sales strategy and is the driving force behind the growth and brand strategy moving forward.