Ease of use, feel

P-1810 Putter

At the beginning of Developing new putter today we first started researching of many putter that were already brought to the world by many gracious club makers. Examine details, parts by parts the result came and we conclude that “Karsten’s Anser putter” is still the best as it was believed. 

However, as Club Developer we will never be satisfied with following or taking same Anser putter, but looking for something more.We had started most importantly working on researching materials and through processing method. A year later, we found and decided to use the stainless material “SUS303” which is the most flexible material and has high performance on processing stage. 



Generally, to process SUS303 putter, it started from the ingot to CNC milling slowly to finalize. It has already taken time on process of operation and which obviously marks high cost. However moreover, we decided to make “plus one” more working stage on processing.

We tried forging the SUS303 material first which makes soften the heat treatment. Then discharge the carbon by forging over again and that makes it softer even more. We made most flexible stainless material become more flexible. Then we tried those forging SUS303 to machine the CNC milling slowly and carefully once again, then made a precise and beautiful putter.

We hope it could tell you that we always keep looking for and developing  we could bring you our message and belief on creating the best putter even though if it takes time.

Putter Specifications

Club Type Forged and CNC milled Putter
Player Type Average Golfer
Characteristic Ease of use, feel
Material and Finish Forged JIS SUS303 – Tungsten Weights
( ° )
( ° )
( g )
P-1810 3 72 360
• R&A Groove Rule Confirmation
• Outer Hosel Diameter: 13.2mm
• Inner Hosel Diameter: 9.45mm (Parallel Tip)
• Hosel Depth: 15.6mm
• Right Handed Only