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The grindworks MC333 FORGED features a traditional shape with a simple design and an emphasis on feel and control. The smallish head, narrow top line and straighter neck will appeal to better players who focus on shotmaking, feel and accuracy.The back face of the cavity features a thicker sweet spot area which enhances that soft impact feel. The cavity itself is quite deep which helps increase the head’s moment of inertia (MOI) and help maintain accuracy and distance even on missed shots.While the visual design of the MC333 is focused on being simple, we’ve thrown in some technology by forging weights into the soles of the longer and mid irons. These weights are variable in position to help each head perform its intended duties.Variable weight design.

The 3 and 4 irons are longer irons with stronger lofts making them harder to produce a good launch. By placing tungsten weight in the sole towards the heel, a lower center of gravity counters the strong loft for an easy launch creating a powerful trajectory for more distance. The longer shaft lengths of the 3 and 4 iron also make it harder to rotate the club head square to the ball which is why the CG features more heel bias creating a larger gravity angle, helping the head create square impact. Better impact equals more distance and straighter shots. More forgiving long irons give golfers more confidence with those longer second shots.
In the 5 and 6 iron, the tungsten weight moves away from the heel and more towards the center of the sole. This moves the center of gravity closer to the sweet spot and improves both launch and feel without worrying about over rotating the head thanks to a decreased gravity angle. This allows he 5 and 6 iron to not only create good distance but also great accuracy.The 7 iron features the tungsten weight exactly in the center of the sole. This creates the optimal launch and spin for the 7 iron allowing players to go for the green and attack the pin. The increased weight right in the center further enhances feel on pured shots which will truly satisfy those better players.The thicker center area of the back cavity works as sling shot to not only enhance feel at impact but to also improve spring effect thanks to the thinner wall area surrounding the center area.
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