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grindworks SM Series is another variation of the 86 Series with the similar shapes and sole grinds but with a specially laser milled face. Like the 86 Series, the SM Series is available in a variety of grinds and lofts to suit different players.

Every golfer is different. Different ability, different swings and we even play on different courses with different conditions. So why should we all play the same wedges? grindworks wedges are specially designed and grinded to match specific swing types and different course conditions. Are you a steep swinger with huge divots? Are you a sweeper who takes little to no divots? Do you need more bounce and a wider sole in your sand wedge but prefer a thin sole and less bounce in your approach wedge? grindworks wedges match YOUR GAME!

When it comes to material, we wanted something soft but durable. Soft carbon steel is common among wedges (S20C, S25c) however will rust without plating and is easily dinged. We decided to go with a soft stainless alloy called SUS218. It’s hardness rating (HRB) is identical to S20C steel but is more durable and much less susceptible to corrosion. It’s high contents of nickel and chromium create a very similar feel to forged carbon steel at impact and keeping the wedges raw result in more bite and spin on the ball at impact.


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